Link What it is
Mojo's puppy blog A blow–by–blow description of our puppy and our life with him.
ASCII table An ascii table. A ridiculously handy reference for developers.
Make a random CD with Toast!

Handy AppleScript that pulls mp3s out of your collection and sends them to toast titanium.

This has been obsoleted by iTunes, but it still might be useful.

Create a Quicktime slideshow A/V movie

Applescript that creates a movie that's a slide presentation, with each slide having some audio associated with it. The slide is on-screen for the length of the audio.

This is handy for slideshows, or anything where you need to annotate photos with audio.

Dual Squid Precaching

An attempt at articalizing how to use two squid caches to do prefetching of user-requested URLs. It seems to speed browsing up substantially by preloading into squid the objects needed to display the currently requested page.

Note: way out of date. I haven't built or run squid since this article was written.

TCP Tuning stuff

Various articles on how to tune your TCP/IP stack on various unices. It's old enough that you should go look at the original articles.

AIX inline asm Inline asm for xlc. Kind of old, but it still should work.
Central Park Gate Names Names of all the gates in Central Park. Note that some of them changed at some point to be more modern. If you use this list, be sure to research the changes.
Local Weather


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